Our Personality-Based Marketing Solution


Built on AI personality profiling tools and deep insights into buyer behaviors, Carbon Quadrants leverages the power of personality to engage prospects who are proven to advance the buying journey.


Despite millions of dollars invested in sales and marketing technologies, a purchase decision is still not linear. It’s fluid with influencers, decision makers and users moving in and out as it progresses.

A Journey Guided By Personality

Although Gartner says that the average size of the decision making group is now 17, only 4 distinct personalities exist.

3 of the 4 personalities can help start and/or advance the buying process, and 1 can stop it in its track.

One type of personality is most likely to start the process, another is most likely to advance it, while another is likely to take the deal apart.













But the most important piece is how they interact throughout the buyer journey.

That’s Where
We Come In.

We’re evolving from tracking individual behaviors to watching the behavior of individuals working together.

Where Do You Apply Carbon Quadrants?


Eliminate prospects who won’t respond by targeting the right personalities to improve list performance

Buyer Personas

Create more actionable personas by including the 4 personality types

Lead Generation

Gain insight into which prospects have the best probability to convert

Lead Nurturing

Align the right resources to the highest quality leads to optimize resources

Content Development

Build content that meets the unique needs of different audiences and increases campaign asset performance

Content Marketing

Learn how to put the right type of content in front of the right audience consistently

Buyer Journeys

Understand who is motivated to start and drive the buying process to shorten the sales cycle

Account-Based Marketing

Go beyond title to engage the contacts who actually make things move within the account

Personality Marketing Down to a Science

Understand the makeup of your audience as it compares to benchmarks.

Titles and roles don’t predict behavior.  Some executives like to engage with sales, some prefer to avoid them.  Some like to research deeply, others want shorter stories. And this occurs at all levels of the org.  This is a core idea of Mobilizer – different people can drive decisions and it often has little to do with the title and role.  Scott feels marketing is broken and the driver is that we try to market to titles and roles instead of personalities. It’s a big bet.

Hank Barnes

Chief of Research, Buying Behavior, Gartner

Carbon Design is figuring out how to identify Mobilizers using AI, and at scale. It’s mind blowing. And, more importantly, highly effective.

Brent Adamson

Co-author of Challenger Sale and the Challenger Customer

The Proof is
in the Impact

Improved list performance by eliminating prospect personalities that will not respond, in some cases up to 30% improvement

Reduced cost for lead nurturing programs by aligning the right resources to the highest probability prospects

Increase campaign asset performance by customizing content and design to meet the unique needs of different audiences

Shorten sales cycles by better understanding who is motivated to start and drive the buying process

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