by Katie Weisz
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The beginning of a new year can be a perfect time to pause to reflect on all the things in life and business that have shaped us over the past 12 months.

For Carbon Design, 2019 was a year of interviewing amazing people, making bold observations about sales and marketing, and predictions on what’s coming in business.

Join us as we look at our readers’ favorite posts of 2019.

#1 Do We Need Outbound Sales Anymore?

Our CEO, Scott Gillum, joined the Gartner’s Sales & Marketing Thought Leader Roundtable where he posed the question, “Do we really need outbound sales anymore?”. This question sparked a lively conversation that continued well after the meeting.

Scott delved into the topic further in his LinkedIn article, (read the comments here), that was followed up by this rebuttal from David Brock. 

Read the Article Here

#2 Scott’s Interview with Carlos Hidalgo, Author of “The UnAmerican Dream”

When asked who the book was written for, Carlos stated,

“I wrote it from the perspective of an entrepreneur and a business owner and a professional. But it’s really a book to say, stop. What is the frenzy for and reassess your personal and professional relationships and define success on your terms.”

Read more and watch the interview here.

#3 Unlocking Growth by Learning How to Message to the Value Chain

“Who invited marketing to the sales pitch?” It was said in passing, and intended as a joke, but the marketing team got the point.

The comment was made in a recent messaging workshop. The head of sales expressed his frustration at the messaging being developed by marketing. His point — there was nothing different. It sounded like the same sales pitch they had been giving customers for years.

Keep Reading to learn how to message differently.

#4 Lucky Me – The Upside of Looking Down

“The odds of it happening are 1 in 1500 or .0007%, about the same odds of being randomly selected to come onstage at a concert hall. Similar to Courteney Cox being pulled on stage by Bruce Springsteenin his iconic Born in the USA video, of course without the scripting. And now that I’ve dated myself, yes, the odds of this happening increase with age.”

Read on more on Scott’s ill-timed detached retina- and the lesson he learned during his forced downtime.

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