by Scott Gillum
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I first heard it approaching the lake on my morning run. It was a “whoop” but I couldn’t place the sound.

A couple of hundred feet later I heard it again, along with the sound of Canadian Geese. As I approached the hill leading to the dam I heard it again, and now I was able to identify the source.

A woman standing on the side of the trail facing the lake. In full view of everyone for a good hundred yards, dancing, literally, like no one was watching. And I mean she was feeling it! Legs and arms in full motion and every so often an outburst she couldn’t hold in.

As I approached her, I began to smile. I could also see others smiling as they passed her in the opposite direction. Smiles created by a woman putting out nothing but unadulterated positivity. Rounding the corner of the lake I heard her again and the smile returned. I thought here is a person who has figured it out.

She’s found joy by blocking out everything else going on around her, focusing only on the beauty of the lake in front of her, and being completely consumed by the feeling of her music. She was in the moment, her moment.

I think we all could use a little more of that, I know I could. What a great way to start the day. Rock on my friend. Rock on.

#goodvibes #positivity #joy

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