by Katie Weisz
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Scott sat down with an old friend and senior tech executive, Stephanie Anderson, to discuss how to survive and thrive in the sales culture as a B2B marketer. With Stephanie’s substantial background in sales, service, marketing, and now as the chairman of the board of a healthcare software company, she brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to the conversation.

In the interview clip, Stephanie and Scott talk about sales misperceptions of marketing and what marketers can do to strengthen the relationship.

Along with the discussion on sales and marketing culture, Scott and Stephanie also dive into a conversation on CMOs, what is on their minds, advice for those new to the role, and what should be top of mind when “selling” to a CMO.

Watch the Full Interview here.

Highlights from the Full Interview:

  • 2:31- The advantage of having a sales background
  • 10:20- The Sales versus Marketing divide
  • 20:03- What is on the minds of CMOs
  • 25:20- What advice would you give new CMOs.

To hear the conversation with Stephanie, listen or download here.

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