by Katie Weisz
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Back in September of 2019, CEO, Scott Gillum, had the opportunity to sit down and interview VP, Brent Adamson. Brent is a distinguished Vice President at Gartner, and a published author with a lot to say about the case between sales and marketing.

During this interview, Brent dove deep into the idea of Challenger as a sales and marketing methodology. These newly released clips are a major highlight to what Challenger is, and isn’t, and how the idea of it has changed over the years.

In part 1 of the clip, Brent goes forth with debunking the idea of Challenger as a ‘sales methodology’, why it should be looked at as more of a ‘go to marketing’ model, and why sales and marketing need to be co-owning the idea of challenger marketing.

In part 2, Brent continues his dive into Challenger Marketing and how marketing and sales needs to focus on the customer in a different way.

Are the customers overlooking information, do customers know more than sales and marketers, or do we need to be telling them what they miss?

To view the full interview with Brent Adamson please click here.

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