by Scott Gillum
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Build Your Personal Brand & Become a Trusted Advisor.  Now that we’re online almost exclusively, every interaction with buyers is being scrutinized.  You ARE the company’s brand, now more than ever.  Learn how to navigate this high risk environment with our CEO Scott Gillum and xiQ, Inc. CEO Usman Sheikh.  Webcast now available on demand here.

Before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of you.  The more personalized our communication, the more we show that we care. Whether it’s an email or a one-on-one presentation, marketers and sellers need to do their homework on understanding their prospects and their business needs to appeal to their emotions and build trust.

Personality-Driven Engagement (PDE) by xiQ equips B2B professionals with the insights to build highly personalized messages that build emotional connections with their clients. xiQ uses AI to understand what motivates people, what drives them, and how to influence their decisions.

B2B professionals will learn how to:

  • Build their own personal brand
  • Understand the personality type of their buyers
  • Individualize communication
  • Analyze content that resonates

Who should view this webcast?
CMOs, CROs, B2B Account Managers, ABM & Sales Leaders, Marketing and Sales Professionals MUST attend this webinar. This session is OPEN for All.

View the webcast here.

Build Your Personal Brand & Become a Trusted Advisor.

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